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It is a great privilege that God speaks to us. He chose to reveal his thoughts in a book. We as a church want to value God’s ideas by faithfully studying the Bible and preaching the truth we discover.
We hope that the sermons at New City Wien will introduce God’s view to you in a way that will lead you to a deeper appreciation for Jesus, a better understanding of life and changed hearts and lives.
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Date Title Passage Preacher Series
December 25, 2022 Joy to the World | Freue dich Welt Psalm 98:1-9 JD Bautista Christmas Day
May 1, 2022 A Songbook for Life :: Ein Liederbuch fürs Leben Psalm 1:1-2 JD Bautista Overview of the Old Testament: Job to Malachi :: Überblick des Alten Testaments: Hiob bis Maleachi
January 2, 2022 A Prayer for the New Year :: Ein Gebet für das neue Jahr Psalm 131:1-3 JD Bautista
November 21, 2021 A Psalm for the Nations :: Ein Psalm für die Nationen Psalm 67:1-7 JD Bautista New City Wien Vision
September 19, 2021 A Community of Grace and Truth, Part 1 :: Eine Gemeinschaft der Gnade und Wahrheit, 1. Teil Psalm 85:1-13 Brad Hunter New City Wien Vision
April 11, 2021 Eternal Home :: Ewiges Zuhause Psalm 90:1-17 JD Bautista Home :: Zuhause
December 27, 2020 How long, O Lord? :: Wie lange, o Herr? Psalm 13:1-6 JD Bautista
April 5, 2020 Gott ist unsere Zuflucht Psalm 46:1-12 Brad Hunter
April 5, 2020 God Is Our Refuge Psalm 46:1-11 Brad Hunter
October 20, 2019 Power, Justice, Praise :: Macht, Gerechtigkeit, Ruhm Psalm 146:1-10 J.D. Bautista The Gospel-Centered Church :: Die evangeliumszentrierte Gemeinde
September 29, 2019 Unless the Lord Builds the House :: Wenn der Herr nicht das Haus baut Psalm 127:1-5 Brad Hunter NCW 10-Year Anniversary :: NCW 10-Jähriges Jubiläum
August 4, 2019 Hope for the Downcast Soul :: Hoffnung für die niedergeschlagene Seele Psalm 42:1-43:5 JD Bautista
April 14, 2019 Hosanna! Psalm 118:1-29 Matt Eck
December 30, 2018 Praise the Lord! Where? Why? How? Who? :: Lobt den Herrn! Wo? Warum? Wie? Wer? Psalm 150:1-6 JD Bautista
December 23, 2018 A Time to Celebrate :: Eine Zeit des Feierns Psalm 98:1-9 JD Bautista
December 9, 2018 Der ewige Gott, der zu uns gekommen ist :: The Eternal God who Entered Time and Space Psalm 90:1-17 Brad Hunter The Nature and Character of God :: Die Natur und das Wesen Gottes
November 25, 2018 God Is Good :: Gott ist gut Psalm 27:1-14 Brad Hunter The Nature and Character of God :: Die Natur und das Wesen Gottes
November 3, 2018 Repentance Psalm 32:1-7 Jake Hunt Best Practices: Habits to Help Christians Grow
November 2, 2018 Scripture Psalm 1:1-6 Jake Hunt Best Practices: Habits to Help Christians Grow
June 10, 2018 Home :: Zu Hause Psalm 90:1-17 JD Bautista